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A reverse-chronological listing of every post in this blog...

Fort York Citizenship Ceremony: a Moving Experience
Heritage Toronto Award: Historical Maps of Toronto
Minimalist TTC Subway Map
The Fort York Visitor Centre: An Important Step Forward

5 Years Down, About 20 To Go: My Quest For A Peace Tower Canadian Flag
Celebrating My Candy Crush Dominion
Setting Easy for Summer Sweatfest Wasn't So Easy!
Goodbye to the Grid (and Eye Weekly)
Hub Climbing in Markham: a great bouldering experience
MaRS: Draw your own conclusions
What is it like to Judge an IFSC Bouldering World Cup?
Disappointment as Bill 166 is dead
Another step closer to making Ranked Ballots a reality in Toronto
Come to my PodCamp talk on Maps and Digital History!

You’ll Love Exploring Toronto From 1818 To 2012 With This Amazing Interactive Map. Check Out 1947!
Forcing Unicyclists Onto the Road is a Bad Idea
Pretending I’m Walter White from Breaking Bad
Time to resign, Mayor Ford
A Pair of Wistful Farewells
I went to jail today...
A pleasant surprise...
Want to go to a Toronto Historic Museum for Free?
How to climb for 40 days and 40 nights
Martin Luther King’s 'I Have a Dream' Speech Should Belong to Everyone, not SONY

Liona Boyd — The Toronto Song! Cheese or Magic?
What would Google Maps for Toronto look like in 1858?
Incredible zoomable high-resolution panorama of Tokyo
Help Wanted: Access to a computer with LOTS of RAM
Fire at Broadview and Gerrard Destroys Century-old Corner Building
How to Host Your Twitter Archive on Google Drive — and Keep It Automatically Refreshed
Congratulations to RaBIT! A Big Step Forward
IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Hamilton a success
Why is tree climbing illegal in Toronto?
Happy Star Wars Day!

Why I Support the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto (And Why You Should, Too!)
The 200th anniversary of the Battle of York!
Thanks for stopping by!
Firefly: a nighttime skate video using drones
Sympathy and thoughts for the runners in today’s Boston Marathon...
Classic TV Commercials Starring William Shatner
e.e. cummings reads "anyone lived in a pretty how town" (Harvard, 1953)
Timelapse Overdose
That Night in Toronto... (A Tragically Hip Tale)
Google Reader is getting canned?!

Industrial food processing video clip - from Samsara
Happy 179th, Toronto!
How I Beat The World’s Oldest Marathon Runner -- In His Racing Prime
The Return of Longboard Haven Skate Shop
The Charleston set to The Creeps
Harlem Ducks
Toronto History Links and Resources
Wolfram|Alpha and my Friend Network
Beyond The Pink: The Subversion Of Barbie
On the way at Front and Bathurst...

Hurrah For The Ontario Access Coalition
What Does A Decade of TTC Metropass Designs Look Like?
Facebook, Likes, Ads...
What did the 1861 Toronto Fire brigade cost?
Macintosh System 6 Nostalgia
Where the Money Goes, & Where It Comes From: City of Toronto Operating Budget
If This, Then That -- Connecting the Semantic Web
Interview with Iyma Lamarche, Part Two!
The Secret Life of Iyma Lamarche

Why I Switched My Search Engine to DuckDuckGo...
Coming Up: Spooky Shred & FUBU Race Weekend
Sortable -- a great tool for deciding what (camera/phone/laptop/tv) to buy
Parody Re-Mix of the TTC Union’s $1 Million Ad
Mirvish / Gehry King West Project Heritage Implications
'Oh How Love' - Lisa Conway
Apple Maps is to mobile cartography as...
Wonderful time-lapse tilt-shift changing depth of field short film
In honour of National Cheeseburger Day...
This is so wrong I don't know what to say

What Happens When You Cross Party Rock Anthem With Who Let The Dogs Out
The Toronto Board Meeting: A Short History
The Banana (Board) Split! Four Years Later...
Rock Oasis Setback: New Gym on Morse St. Cancelled
Bring a Bouldering World Cup to Toronto
How to Climb at True North for Just $2.50
The Bathurst Rock Oasis -- A Look Back
Remembering Cristina

The Best Industrial Mushroom Processing Video You'll Ever See
LinkedIn Passwords Breached
Bouldering mind games
Doors Open 2012 -- What Are You Checking Out?
Longboarder dead after being struck by taxi
A Thoroughly Enjoyable Guest Appearance on the CBC’s Lang and O’Leary Exchange
Play The Lang and O’Leary Exchange Bingo/Drinking Game!
International Day Against DRM
Google Drive Launch Video -- Reimagined
My first 10k in a long time

Does not inspire confidence...
My Tour de Bloc Season Nine Results: Charted
Shred the Love T.O.: Boarding 4 Breast Cancer Canada Launch Event
Electric Car: Then and Now
Goad’s Atlas of Toronto -- Online!
Absolution at Altitude: Tour de Bloc Season 9 Eastern Regionals
Profile: Justin Readings, Downhill Skateboarder
Dustin Curtis Makes Me Cry at True North Climbing - Tour de Bloc Season 9
Concrete Wave Responds
Concrete Wave's Lame ‘Pin-up’ Cover

How to Get Rid of “What’s Hot” Items From Your Google+ Stream
Pizza Pizza’s ‘Canadian Pie’
Dear Five Ten, Please Stop Dyeing My Feet Red
Welcome Spacing Readers!
WITHOUT CAUSE - a political comedy
Wait a second, that’s ME!!
DuckDuckGo is now my default search engine. Seriously!
Happy Valentine’s Day - Nerd Edition
Crushed at Coyote Rock Gym - Tour de Bloc 9
Update -- Ashbridges Bay Skate Park response

Condo Developer Borg
Letter to Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon: Why Jeopardize the Ashbridges Bay Skate Park?
Imperial March: Dogs versus Floppies
Vertical Validation: Gonflé à Bloc 3e édition
Star Wars Uncut -- Director’s Cut
What’s to Come at Front and Bathurst
Crunch Time at Climber’s Rock
City budget process underway: let the snarling begin
Help Advance Osteopathic Science!
Signed up for the Yonge St 10k!

Read ‘Best of this Blog’ -- Please?
The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast - How the Queen’s English has Changed Over Time
Too many deaths at the Toronto Zoo?
Calvin Updates His Status
Grand River Rocks Thrashing
Occupy North Pole!
The Wreck of Rock Oasis -- In Pictures
Best Recruiting Ad Ever!
Speed! Thrills! Women! FUBU Skate Race Recap
Shut Up And Climb - Tour de Bloc Season 9 begins!

City Council Votes to Send Elephants Away
Grappling With Another Longboarding Death
The Toronto Subway Song
Didn’t run today...
Opposition grows against Minto Freed condo project
Steve Jobs New Yorker Cover, Captioned by the Internet
Thanks Steve!
No, I'm not involved with StopMintoFreed
Why Does Klout Think I’m Influential About Broccoli?
FEMA’s ‘Waffle House Index’ for disaster assessment

More 2011 Toronto Board Meeting Coverage
How to opt-out from LinkedIn Social Ads
Aftermath - 2011 Toronto Board Meeting
2011 Toronto Board Meeting - Skateboarding!
Patrick Switzer wins a fourth World Cup race...
A Note from the Prime Minister on the Eve of War
The Loneliest Plant In The World : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
A Pratfall of Monumental Indiscretion
The rise of Patrick Switzer, Downhill Skateboarder
Nature: Beautiful and Disgusting
Pay what you want for Humble Indie Bundle 3

Signed Up for the Fall Waterfront Half-Marathon
Ontario Veterans’ Memorial Typo: 2nd Attempt
Help send Pia to the World Championships in Austria!
Commercial honeybee colonies continue to die off
Waffle House tattoo - now that's commitment!
Paul Adams' Real Life Social Network
Happy Canada Day!

Covered by the Globe and Mail, mentioned online by Gripped, and overall positively received, the following essay deals with the forgotten history of the industrial structure that housed my old climbing gym (also known as the Doty Engine Works), and the surrounding neighbourhood at Front and Bathurst.

We Are the Traffic
Who Pays for the Mayor's Phone? & Pignapping
Is this accessibility?
Top Star Wars Spoof Videos Continued
Top Ten Star Wars Spoof Videos
Canadian copyright class action suit settled for $50 million
Eli Pariser's Filter Bubble Problem
Humiliation Machine at Boulderz
Happy Victoria Day!
Why I'm proud to work for NexJ Systems

Pendulum Waves and Electric Counterpoint
No more elephants at the Toronto Zoo
BIXI launches in Toronto!
My Arduino finally arrived!!
Time to upgrade my iMac?
Why I love Waffle House - a personal reflection
"Any idiot could do this job!"
Is skateboarding illegal in Toronto?
Easily compare cameras with Snapsort
Yes I use the library heavily. But this seems punitive!

Climbing in Catalunya - Best trip photos
Larabars - are they for real?!
Facebook Friend Exporter
Cat vs Metronome vs Tik Tok vs Ice Ice Baby
Thank you for selecting the Air Shipment option...
Gravity Brawl pulls me back to earth - TdB writeup
Update: Empress Hotel Fire was Arson!
Getting Vertical in Montreal
Delay the Oasis demolition!
Mayor Ford: Please reconsider the proposed service cut to TTC Route 101 - Downsview Park

Fun times at Boulderz Bloc Party!
Rock Oasis closing -- soon!
Honey laundering: The sour side of nature’s golden sweetener - The Globe and Mail
Historic Empress Hotel destroyed by fire
Stop Facebook from tracking you, with Disconnect
Twitter omphaloskepsis
Another bright soul taken from us
Smackdown at the Grotto!
Tour de Bloc season 8 kicks off at Altitude!
Our first longboarding tragedy

I changed my mind: Auto-belay devices are useful
Monstrous, spectacular stop motion animation
The Department of Citrus Responds...
The ugly truth about orange juice
Victory @ True North!
Team V0 wins GOLD in Montreal!
Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Hey that's me!
How I qualified for Boston*
8th Annual Board Meeting = Skate Rampage
UA Group shot

Fantastic Underwear Affair!
In Loving Memory
Hot weather makes it perfect for running in my Underwear
sanity prevails and I switch to the Half
I always blame my errors on the user interface
Old Baldy road trip
Homophonic Typographical Error on Ontario Veterans’ War Memorial
Surprising results at this weekend's Sporting Life 10k
Photos from Kentucky
Around the Bay - almost, but not quite a disaster

Dear Mr. Gates, here's another couple hundred bucks
impressive cigar box work
Asymmetry and calculus in architecture
Staggering honey bee colony losses last year
Unfinished Game Debate
Boulderz - a fun new bouldering gym in Toronto!
LIFE Magazine photo archive on Google. Amazing.
The political spectrum - where are you?
Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed...

Sometime after the first thirty or so entries is when the posts for this blog start getting written with any consistency... before that it’s hit and miss.

Why is Dolly Parton against use of white space spectrum?

Ants are awesome.
Watched the Toronto Marathon today...
the banana split
Cody Jarrett > the Joker
The Conversation - a film for our times
google chrome the next new browser?!
shoot, i bought the wrong bolts.
*Olympia* re-imagined
woo hoo kahas!

awesome vintage cellphone commercial
the coldest place in the universe?
Ohio declares selling crack is a job; no benefits!
William Lyon Mackenzie's Comedy of Errors
minority report-style computer interaction using a wii
The Queen's Christmas Message (1957)
OLF 2.0!
Is Alzheimers a form of diabetes?

long weekend...
Still settling in...
back to the salt mines!
Back from Nowhere!
whitney block
ryerson campus
Greetings earth beings

That’s everything!