Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Five Ten, Please Stop Dyeing My Feet Red

The vibrant dye used for Five Ten’s
Anasazi Moccasyms turns my feet red
Dear Five Ten,

Have you ever considered shipping a plain, uncolored Anasazi Moccasym?

Just curious. I’m sick of having my feet stained red by whatever horrible dye it is you use to colour these otherwise stellar climbing shoes.

They’re great slippers -- comfortable, easy to get on and off, and they fit me well (except for the bulky heel, but, whatever). Plus they’re cheap. I’ve been through many pairs over the years.

But your lousy red coloring bugs me, and I don’t want to wind up with cancer from constantly absorbing red dye #40 or whatever the heck it is you’re using, through my feet.

Forget climbing fashion. Stop the carmine madness!

yours truly,

Nathan Ng
just a simple gym-rat rock-climber