Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Homophonic Typographical Error on Ontario Veterans’ War Memorial

To: Ted McMeekin, Ontario Minister of Gov’t Services
Subject: Error on Ontario Veterans’ War Memorial

Minister McMeekin,

I am writing to call your attention to a typographical error on the Ontario Veterans’ War Memorial at Queen’s Park.

Specifically, the Jane Urquhart inscription on the central bronze plaque reads,
One by one they left behind the bright fields of innocence and stepped into the darkness of experience. Their brave departures were discrete and humble.

From QP-Veterans

Contextually, the word ‘discrete’ should be ‘discreet’. The intended meaning is confirmed by the French translation: “Ils ont quitté avec courage, discrétion et humilité.”

I trust that you will share my desire to have this corrected forthwith.

Your ministerial predecessor, Gerry Phillips, noted during the unveiling ceremony in 2006 that the Memorial represents a permanent, “lasting and dignified tribute to Canadian veterans”. It should reflect our deepest appreciation for their sacrifices, down to the final details.

Thank you for your assistance. Kind regards,

Nathan Ng

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