Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Canadian copyright class action suit settled for $50 million

The largest Canadian copyright class action suit has been settled for $50 million. The offenders? The four labels comprising the Canadian Recording Industry Association — EMI, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Music. Ahem.

Filesharing? Why, that's illegal! Unauthorized! Highly immoral. Tut tut. Oh, you mean actually selling music without a license for those works or paying royalties? Gee whiz, that's not piracy. Be a good fellow, let us settle this matter amicably. And incidentally we admit no liability... Arrr.... 

This news got turned into my first posted slashdot submission! [get it, first posted? haha.] Yay. I feel like a nerd now. (It's not a very commented-on post, but whatever, people are bored of endless stories of music industry hypocrisy...)