Monday, April 23, 2012

My first 10k in a long time

finisher’s medal
The obligatory finisher’s medal
Yesterday I ran in the Toronto Yonge Street 10k. It was my first race in a couple years, actually. I’ve had to deal with a succession of nagging injuries and other problems.

It was a brisk, cool morning. I’ve missed having the company of several thousand runners on the same course -- what an energizing sensation.

Watch this incredible video of Reid Coolsaet’s victory by 3/10ths of a second over Kip Kangogo. Mr Coolsaet will be representing Canada at the upcoming London Olympics...


I want to get back into the discipline of a regular running regime. So this was a start. I’m completely out of running shape, and I was curious to discover my ‘ground zero’ pace.

That turned out to be about a 5:30 rate -- my time was 54:41, my worst recorded 10k race time ever (I was aiming to crack an hour, so I was pleasantly surprised).

I wasn’t 100% confident that I wouldn’t cramp up, so I stuck to a relaxed, easy lope. I didn’t push at all. Still, I was pretty done at the end. And during the run I could feel the occasional faint twinge of my complacent calves trying to cope with the unaccustomed workload.

I need to get back to the state where a 10k at that rate is a straightforward, light workout that doesn’t leave me sore the next day...

Longer term planning
My original intent was to train for this run, shoot for sub-50, and perhaps use it for a kickoff to a half-marathon in the fall. Since the training didn’t happen, I think I’m going to keep the same plan, except with ‘now’ as the starting point.

I’ll train over the summer for 10k-ish, and then ramp from there. To keep my feet to the fire, I’ll try to post updates on my progress, probably about once every five or six weeks. I’ve been considering getting one of those Nike+ or other running measurement devices. What do you think?

Hopefully I can avoid the injury bug that’s been plaguing me.

Wish me luck!