Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watched the Toronto Marathon today...

Actually it was more like portions of the half. Normally on a Sunday the routine calls for a late morning snooze but I wanted to get up and cheer for two different friends of mine who were participating. I was going to do up a sign for them but surprise surprise, I was too lazy. I need to get a cowbell for these occasions!

It was a great day, if a bit chilly to start. I stationed myself a bit past the 10k mark just before the downhill Aylmer/Rosedale Valley Road chunk, to catch the 1:40+ group. Most people looked pretty strong at that point. There was one guy dressed up in a Captain America suit.

After the ~2:15 crowd passed, I then ambled over to the finishing stretch at Queen's Park. People were a lot more stressed there. Some people would say thanks when you encouraged them; others would merely grimace and glare at you. My one friend I surprised a bit unfortunately, I think she was trying to concentrate on maintaining form over the last kilometer and I distracted her when I yelled out her name.

It compels me to set a personal running resolution for next year. This fall I was thinking about a 10k or a half but I have been lackadaisical in the training. I think the right goal is to go for my
favorite race, the Around the Bay 30k. And then depending on results and ambition I might go to Ottawa, likely for a half. I just have to get a consistent training regimen in place. And pop the 10k mark properly. Wish me luck!