Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Update: Empress Hotel Fire was Arson!

It's official: the Empress Hotel fire that destroyed one of the signature heritage properties along Yonge Street earlier this year was caused by arson, according to police.

Empty corner.

Unfortunately the only public lead they've released is this grainy security footage of a 'person of interest'.

And in other news, Salad King (which had its original location destroyed in the fire) is due to reopen its new restaurant just across Yonge, above the Foot Locker, on February 22. Hurray for Salad King!

See also: my previous post on the Empress Hotel Fire (and the history of the building).

Update: More details released
Update (July 2012): More details emerge -- arrest made
Update (Dec 2012): Empress Hotel arsonist sentenced to 10 years