Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Help send Pia to the World Championships in Austria!

Whenever Pia G happens to enter a bouldering competition I'm in, I secretly try my very hardest to beat her. If I've been training hard, and have a perfect day where everything magically goes right, and simultaneously she has a crappy session, I sometimes have a shot at it. Lately however, she's gone nuclear and is out of sight.  

Go Pia!!

Pia is a remarkable young climber who recently won the Canada Youth Cup for the 3rd year running. This qualified her to go to the upcoming European Youth Cup and the World Youth Rock Climbing Championships in Imst, Austria. 

Unfortunately, there is no government funding or program that covers rock climbing... she could really use some financial help, to get her across the pond. So her dad has assembled a comedy fundraiser show with several top comedians in the country for a night of hilarity at The Comedy Bar.
“Your $20 ticket gets you a special seat (of course all the seats are special) in the all-you-can-laugh buffet of hilarity Monday, August 8th, for the 7:30 or 9:30 show, as well as an overwhelming sense of pride for a chance to support a National Athlete in representing her country!”
More info on the Facebook event page
7:30 show tickets
9:30 show tickets
Comedy Bar schedule

Help send Pia to Austria! She's worked super hard to get to this point, to represent Canada  -- and she's a local climber too. Plus, she's awesome.

Spread the word. Go Pia!!