Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fantastic Underwear Affair!

Imagine a thousand people running free and loose in their underwear, along the Leslie Spit. Sound ridiculous? It happened today!

[Yes I know the above pic is missing a few team members: Henry, Mike and Karen! We forgot about the post race photo until after you'd left! Sorry! Once I get hold of the pre-race photo I'll post it :)]

The NYGH Underwear Affair was a fantastic success. A charity run for cancer care and research for cancers 'below the waist', the Affair showed us how a small-scale run can be powerfully effective in both raising funds (~$750k) and generating smiles at the same time.

To the other members of Team NexJ who joined me at the race: thank you. Together we raised over eight thousand, four hundred dollars! Incredible. You guys are amazing. We came in 11th out of ~190 teams with >1 member. Looking at the top 11 teams, we were competing against teams double, triple... even quintuple our size. We placed THIRD in terms of funds raised per team member. Congratulations everyone!

Next I want to thank my generous supporters, without whose donations this would not have been possible. My target was $400; my sponsors, including NexJ Systems and our CEO, donated over $1,300. Thank you so much!

Next I'd like to thank the organizers of the Underwear Affair, including Joe Boxer - you guys know how to throw a fabulous bash!

And last but not least - thanks to the other participants of the race! I saw some crazy costumes and delightful outfits out there on the trail. Lithe, beautiful, and clad only in underwear: a trend I'd love to see more of.

Oh yeah - my time? Gun time was 51 and change. Yeah, I didn't press. Shrug. I decided to go for FUN over discomfort. I wound up tracking behind an exceptionally attractive lady by the name of Jordanna. Ahem... And Team NexJ fared quite competitively: 3 in the top 100, and everyone came in under an hour. Tom and Mike respectively placed 21st and 31st, and I ambled in at 74. Well done gents!

I'm going to have some intense shin splints (left leg) tomorrow. Next up: Toronto Waterfront Half. Hope this doesn't affect my training!