Friday, June 08, 2012

The Best Industrial Mushroom Processing Video You'll Ever See

I hate mushrooms.

But this video of a state-of-the-art industrial mushroom processing facility makes compelling viewing for anyone interested in how food can be handled on a large scale, using machines.

UPDATE: Sadly, the original video no longer seems to be available. Here’s a different version—did Marcelissen take over mushroom processing from Havatec?—that unfortunately lacks the original trance soundtrack. (Try playing the video in conjunction with the flower processing video linked at bottom).


If you’ve ever wondered how mushrooms are harvested, sorted, cut, oriented, weighed, and packaged -- you really need to watch this video [On a different note, the trance soundtrack demonstrates how important audio can be in manipulating our perception. Without that pulsing beat in the background... I’m not sure whether these rolling shots of machinery would be as fascinating].
Havatec BV is your partner for fully automated processing of mechanically harvested mushrooms on your mushroom farm. Whether you need a processing capacity of 2 t or 20 t per hour, Havatec BV always has the right solution. The best solution for you depends partly on the number of sorting sizes you want.
The mechanical contrivances for doing the sorting, orienting and cutting are quite clever -- someone had to think about designing a system of interconnected machines that would do all of this! The engineering is admirable.

Havatec, based in the Netherlands, also makes advanced industrial equipment for handling flowers. New projects currently under design include an x-ray machine for cheese (!) as well as high-resolution counting devices.

via kottke.