Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wait a second, that’s ME!!

I recently noticed to my amusement that the climber in the background image for this season’s Tour de Bloc website is me. It’s great that they chose a photo of a normal recreational climber (rather than one of the many serious competitors out there)...

Hey that’s me! (right forefront - click to expand)
Photo: possibly Dennis Barnes (not 100% sure--e-mail me if you know!)

The photo is -- I believe -- from the 2009/2010 series -- the first comp at the then-newly-opened True North Climbing Gym in North York, Ontario. Apparently I had a good time!

That’s my friend Mike Palma in green, scrutinizing a sequence.

In the picture I’m (presumably) about to finish an intermediate route. I also remember another problem from this comp -- seen on the left slab wall. The climber in black with splayed legs is working it -- a low numbered but surprisingly challenging problem where you stood on these big yellow blocks and traversed across the slab.

Alas, content obscures me on most of the pages on the site -- but who cares. I’m ‘internet-climbing-famous’! w00t!

Prospective sponsors, take note...

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