Monday, September 01, 2008

google chrome the next new browser?!

What the heck, I often find firefox to be poky anyway. I bet the dev teams at mozilla and IE aren't too pleased to learn about the release of google chrome. Despite significant advances for FF in market share it looks like the mighty GOOG decided it had to own and control a browser... Now I can complain about having my favorite web sites munged by yet another browser. Hooray!

Highlights from the comic (drawn by Scott McCloud! The Tufte of comics!):
  • fully open source
  • separate processes for each tab (no more entire browser crashes from crufty javascript on one of your 18 open tabs!)
  • new v8 javascript virtual machine - with hidden class transitions, dynamic code generation, and my personal favorite, precise, incremental garbage collection
  • goofy 'tabs on top' user interface
  • creepy omnibox
  • new tab page = home page based on your most used/trafficked sites
  • 'incognito' porn surfing mode
  • some other random security stuff that bores me, but which will be another strike against malware etc. Sandboxing - i'll believe it when i see it.
  • Windows only right now, of course (sigh). C'mon, OS X is where it's at! What about platform independence!?!