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recursion is my personal blog.

Yours truly relaxing
under the Catalunyan sun...
It’s named after a concept in computer science which involves the repeated application of a recursive procedure.

I have always been fascinated by the fractal patterns generated by recursion in mathematics and in nature (e.g. the Mandelbrot set, snowflakes, seashells, etc.).

You’ll find that I tend to explore the following topics: skateboarding, rock climbing, running, the intersection of technology and culture, feats of engineering (whether stupendous or foolhardy, and sometimes both), science, Victoriana, and local heritage or public space issues, mostly within Toronto.

I thank you for reading. I’m always interested in feedback, so do post any (non-trollish) comments you may have. I welcome factual corrections where errors have crept into the text, as well as civil expressions of countervailing opinion.

Representative posts
Certain posts are more involved, required research, or carry an emotional resonance that I’d like to think is representative of my writing and personality. I’m not sure whether they are necessarily the best posts I’ve written, but they have personal meaning for me.

See: Best of recursion

About me
skater. climber. runner. dilettante.

Other online projects of mine
Historical Maps of Toronto
A collection of Toronto-based historical maps to amuse, delight & inform...

Fort York and Garrison Common Maps
A visual exploration tracing through maps the complex history of Fort York and the surrounding Military Reserve.

Goad’s Atlas of the City of Toronto
An online site for viewing the authoritative late-Victorian-era map reference, Atlas of the City of Toronto, published by Charles Goad.

Disclaimer and copyright 
I speak only for myself on this blog; posts should not be interpreted as being indicative of my friends, my enemies, my colleagues, or my employer. The text and photos (except where otherwise noted) of this blog are copyright Nathan Ng; feel free to link to any post you want. Excerpting is welcome with attribution; wholesale scraping is not.

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