Friday, March 02, 2012

Pizza Pizza’s ‘Canadian Pie’

Every week, Pizza Pizza sends me a junk-mail flyer, advertising their specials. I usually ignore them, but their latest flyer caught my attention -- unfortunately, probably not in the way they intended...

Take a look at this panel from the flyer:

Pizza Pizza’s 'Canadian Pie' -- umm...

Movie poster for American Pie
(For those of you with high-brow tastes who don’t recognize the referent film, it’s American Pie.)

I know this sophomoric flick dates from the last century, but has anyone at the Pizza Pizza marketing department actually seen this movie?

Don’t they remember what happens to the pie? 

I suspect there has been a failure here to fully consider the connotations invoked by this particular pop-cultural reference.

What exactly are they trying to tell us about their pizza?

Incidentally, for those of you who were fans of the original flick, the ‘ten-year’ American Reunion movie (starring the same cast) is due to be released shortly...

[If anyone has somehow escaped hearing about the plot of the film and still don’t understand what the joke is (e.g. some of my international readers), may I cordially advise you that looking it up online (or watching the movie) may cause you to entertain second thoughts about ordering this item.]

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