Friday, January 20, 2012

What’s to come at Front and Bathurst

New renderings of the Minto/Freed project at Front and Bathurst have leaked online --

The Borg have landed.

and I actually think the revised look is original, at least by Toronto standards.

Kablam!! This is what change looks like. (If you were hovering in space above the rail tracks, which is where you’d have to be to get this view)

The project remains monstrously huge. Whether it adequately addresses the height issues raised by the local community will be an ongoing discussion.

Full disclosure
I readily admit that I am still selfishly, unreasonably, boringly bitter over the loss of what used to stand at this corner -- but I’m grudgingly coming to grips with the reality of it.

I miss the old shed (tear). 

It seems like the architect for the project, Rudy Wallman, listened to some of the feedback regarding the banality of previous renders, and has presented something intriguing for consideration.

Render images via:

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