Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Concrete Wave Responds

Michael Brooke responds.
Michael Brooke is the publisher of Concrete Wave Magazine -- so I sent him a courtesy link to my post, Concrete Wave’s Lame ‘Pin-up’ Cover, wherein I discuss the photograph selected for the front of their soon-to-be-released 2012 Longboarding Buyer’s Guide.

Shortly after being contacted, he sent me the following text:
Hi Nathan, 
Here is my response: 
Thank you for your comments about one of the buyer's guide covers.
Over the past 13 years in publishing longboard magazines, I have had the opportunity to work with many different companies. All have brought a tremendous amount of inspiration and creativity to my life. It is this energy and stoke that has driven the world of longboarding forward. I have always prided myself as being open to all types of ideas... as long as they weren't too off the wall. 
In truth, I consider myself much more than a magazine publisher. I really feel more like an artist that gets an opportunity every two months to paint a new piece of art. We love doing multiple covers but this is only the 2nd time we've done eight covers. We publish 2000 copies of each of these covers. 
I decided to publish this cover because I think it is a very cool tribute to 50's drag racing. The lady holding the flags IS a longboarder. The scene is a "drag racing motif." This cover is art and with art, you can read into it as much as you'd like. I see this as something of a departure for Concrete Wave, but not something that is raunchy or pornographic. 
I have been very committed to encouraging more females to take up longboarding. If there are people who believe that this cover discourages females to take up longboarding, I can most definitely assure you that was never the intention. 
The guide is released [next] week. It is my sincere hope that everyone who sees it, enjoys it. 
We created eight covers to give a wide range of ideas. We are now working on the April issue... and I promise you more surprises... but this is the first and last drag racing cover.
Michael Brooke
Concrete Wave Magazine 

Thanks to Mr. Brooke for his response (and his permission to reprint it here). I have no doubts as to Mr. Brooke’s sincerity of intent.

As to the success of that intent -- I encourage readers to have a look at the cover, and to judge for themselves.

(I can’t resist making one snarky, slightly unfair comment: Can you tell that the flag-wielding woman is a longboarder? Hmm...)

On to the next windmill!

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