Sunday, August 31, 2008

shoot, i bought the wrong bolts.

Check out the hangar to board width ratio on my waterski longboard...

Went to Canadian Tire today. As usual it was a classic demonstration of the paradox of choice. I have been reading (on wikipedia) about polyurethane varnishes. I want to clear coat my Mermaid waterski/longboard to protect the retro graphic pattern from all the grotty dirt and crud that lies on the streets of Toronto. Of course when I arrived it was a smorgasbord of gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, etc. wood finishes, none of which I really know anything about.

(Obviously different wheels/trucks in this pic)
Photo: S. Nuttall

I'm not sure if a polyurethane varnish is the way to go anyway, due to the flex of the board. I'm afraid the coat will delaminate. Paralyzed by the array of multiple finishes I went to get some bolts instead.

Machine screws, rather. A topic regarding which I know roughly the same as I do varnishes. When I clear coat the Mermaid I will be removing the trucks etc., and then switching out the bolts when I remount everything, with some washers to spread out the load because my current bolts are flat heads which are biting deep into the wood.

I got some 2 inch and 2.5 inch pan head Robertson screws (the ones with the squares in the head -- invented by a Canadian. The Phillips (the cross head ones) screws are around because GM started using them). Close, but no cigar! It turns out I bought #8-32 screws, instead of #10-32 screws. i.e. they are a little smaller in diameter. So the self-locking nuts I have are too large. Argh. I just want to get the Mermaid totally perfect forever!!
Ahh, ignorance. Where's the bliss?