Thursday, January 06, 2011

Rock Oasis closing -- soon!

Read Farewell to Rock Oasis -- my history of the gym, the building, and the Front and Bathurst Neighbourhood. I also comment further on its closing.

(Original post follows)
My primary climbing gym is closing. This is distressing.

We all knew Rock Oasis was doomed, but it's now coming up a lot sooner than anticipated. I have been in denial. We've got about six months left to play. I went for a session this evening, and the following announcement was posted:

Oasis closing announcement
The reasons for the pending closure have to do with city taxation and the gentrification of the King West area. In a future post I'll comment further on these subjects, as well as about Oasis itself.

It's a shame. The local climbing community in Toronto is losing a key gym -- a key part of the climbing infrastructure here. I'm very unhappy about this development.

Oasis is my home gym. It is where I learned to climb, and where I have met many of my friends. It has issues, but it will always be dear to my heart.

Let's hope that Karen is able to secure a good location for a new gym. We'll see what happens.