Thursday, September 08, 2011

2011 Toronto Board Meeting - Skateboarding!

2011 Board Meeting Schedule
Update (9/10/11) -- click here to read the summary of how awesome the Board Meeting turned out!

Original post follows...

I’m getting a lot of hits from skaters looking for information about the 2011 Toronto Board Meeting, the annual skateboarding rumble through the streets of our fair city.

So here’s a quick recap about the event, what to wear, where we’re going, and how to find out more information (Perhaps next year, I’ll do an extended post about the history of the Board Meeting... Thanks Jacob Furlong!).

Details, details (via Joker)
“The Toronto 2011 Board Meeting is happening this Saturday September 10th at 4pm.

Attire: collared shirt (any colour -- white is usually popular) and tie.
Meeting location: David A. Balfour park. Go to St. Clair subway station and you will directed to the park.

WEAR A HELMET. Please wear a helmet. WEAR A HELMET!

2011 Board Meeting route
More information about the Board Meeting can be found here (olf) or here (fb). The (currently planned) route is shown to the left. 

All skateboarders of any stripe are invited. This is going to be huge, fun, and crazy [but peaceful, note -- if you’re there to stir shit up, I strongly advise against it unless you feel like getting a beat down from a hundred annoyed skaters].

If you have safety gear you should wear it -- carnage happens every year. There’s nothing quite like getting taken out by some n00b on the first hill! Sigh.

Attendance is free. The rumour mill says a thousand skaters might show up on Saturday. I doubt it, but trust me if it happens, you’ll want to be there to witness the chaos firsthand. Show up!!

Free event t-shirts will be distributed until they run out, and there’s a huge raffle for awesome prizes and skate swag taking place -- tickets will be sold at the beginning and end of the ride (Revenues will go to support the ontariolongboarding scene, as well as a local charity).

The organizers have put a massive amount of effort into planning and preparation for this event. Please thank them for spreading the stoke in such a positive and fun way. Thanks also go to the sponsors for pitching in their support.

To onlookers and people in traffic Saturday: We come in peace. Mostly.

Good luck to everyone, skate safe, and enjoy the day! Godspeed.