Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mayor Ford: Please reconsider the proposed service cut to TTC Route 101 - Downsview Park

A minor update (Jan 12, 2010): the TTC has chosen to defer making a decision on the proposed reductions in service, until their next Board meeting February 2.

Sent today. This isn't political -- it's about nurturing the growing community at Downsview. 
For context - Mayor Ford is Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto; Councillor Stintz is Karen Stintz, Toronto Transit Commission Chair, and Councillor Maria Augimeri is the Councillor for the affected Ward. Route 101 is among the set of recent proposed TTC service reductions.


Dear Mayor Ford, Councillor Stintz, and Councillor Augimeri,

Please reconsider the proposed service cut to TTC Route 101 - Downsview Park Bus. That specific reduction in service would eliminate the route, between September through May of each year.

Although current rider levels on this route are low, this route serves -- and will continue to serve -- an important role in the ongoing development of Parc Downsview Park. The change needs to be examined in that context.

Support Downsview - keep Route 101!

Downsview Park is presently a hidden jewel in the list of overlooked Toronto assets. Over the years there have been many different plans for developing this area. Regardless of the ultimate path chosen, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that Toronto will be developing the park, and that it will play a central role in the future vitality of the city. We need to do all that we can to support that development, and allow this asset to flourish.

Downsview Park is rapidly becoming a signature destination for sport and activity-based businesses, and their attendant communities. Numerous small nascent businesses have established themselves at Downsview, and are reliant on Route 101 to service their patrons. These pioneering businesses include: The Hanger, True North Climbing GymDefcon PaintballGrand Prix Kartways, the HoopDome basketball facility, the Rail Skatepark and the Premier Elite Athlete’s Collegiate (PEAC) school for elite athletes. The Park also has several outdoor fields which are used for football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, field hockey, and rugby. 

Downsview is also home to the Toronto Aerospace Museum, the Toronto Wildlife Centre, the Downsview Park Film and Television Studios, and the Downsview Park Arts Alliance. 

Usage of Downsview Park -- by citizens, businesses, and the Toronto community at large -- is only going to increase as time goes by. Due to the park's unique physical layout and geographic location, access to the park is challenging without adequate levels of transit support. Although not ideal, Route 101 is nevertheless a key piece of the Park's traffic, and will continue to be a key piece as long as it operates.

In short, reducing Route 101's service level threatens to hinder the evolution of the park. We have something special here -- let's support it. 

Councillor Augimeri, your 2011 New Year's Resolution was to 'focus on ensuring a smart development plan comes together for Downsview Park. One that takes community concerns into account.' I ask you to bring that focus to bear on this particular issue for your Ward.

I cordially urge you all to reconsider this proposed service reduction in light of the above facts. Your valued support of Parc Downsview Park is welcomed and appreciated. 

Thank you for your kind attention,

Nathan Ng
a concerned Parc Downsview Park user

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