Sunday, February 10, 2013

Toronto History Links and Resources

Toronto, Canada West
by Edwin Whitefield, 1854
There are numerous online resources that I’ve found extremely useful to have bookmarked, when researching aspects of Toronto history. This post will be an ongoing listing of those sites. I hope you’ll find these resources useful too!

Toronto Public Library: Digital Archive search
Globe and Mail online archive 1844-2009 (need TPL card)
Toronto Star online archive 1894-2009 (need TPL card)
Toronto Public Library: Historical resources by Neighbourhood
City of Toronto Archives: database image search
Archives of Ontario [click 'Archives Descriptive Database']
Library and Archives Canada: LAC search
Goad’s Atlas of the City of Toronto
Historical Maps of Toronto
Fort York and Garrison Common Maps
(Yes -- I know these are my own sites!)
List of Toronto City Directories (1833-1922 via Jane MacNamara)

Map resources

University of Toronto Map & Data Library
City of Toronto Archives
Toronto Public Library - Maps Collection

TPL guide to online map sources - a broad source list
City of Toronto maps (Contemporary)

Miscellaneous sites of interest

Vintage Toronto on Facebook
Toronto’s Historical Plaques
Lost Toronto - Superb collection of 'then and now' photos - collection of photos by date, neighbourhood
Simcoe’s Gentry - Toronto’s Park Lots - Friends of Fort York
Transit Toronto
wherethestorytakesme - blog by Jane MacNamara
Toronto Then and Now Photographs - thread on
Ontario Road Maps
Ontario War Memorials
Chuckman's Photos: Toronto Nostalgia