Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wolfram|Alpha and my Friend Network

Wolfram|Alpha updated their Personal Analytics for Facebook tool. To be honest I’d forgotten about it.

My friend network
The generated report doesn’t really tell me anything super-amazing about my Facebook usage and network, but it still has a couple of interesting tidbits...

Apparently my friend network boils down to just four relatively-unrelated major clusters (see right).

Most of my friends have a few hundred friends:

Number of friends per friend

The wordcloud from my wall posts is disappointingly bland. My vocabulary could use a thesaurus upgrade, I guess. And I would have hoped ‘Yay’ would occur more often:

If you’re curious about how your usage of Facebook stacks up, head over to Wolfram|Alpha and run a report against your account!

Note: requires you to give significant permissions to the Wolfram|Alpha app to generate the report... (I allowed it, then disabled it after running the report. Of course in that timeframe they can slurp basically anything they want about you into their database.)