Friday, March 07, 2014

Another step closer to making Ranked Ballots a reality in Toronto

Democracy in Toronto took another important step forward yesterday, as MPP Mitzie Hunter’s private member’s bill empowering Toronto to set up a ranked ballot system for municipal elections passed through second reading, and was sent to the Ontario legislature’s Standing Committee on Social Policy for further study.

LINK: Mitzie Hunter Statement re RaBIT (Ranked Ballot Initiative)

The bill still has a long way to go (see How an Ontario Bill becomes Law; and even then Toronto City Council will still have to vote to adopt such a system), but the volunteers behind the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto should take a day or two to celebrate this key milestone.

Pushing through any electoral reform is a daunting prospect filled with hurdles. I’m truly impressed by the progress that has been made so far by RaBIT to get it to this stage.

It requires a real persistence, focus, and sense of civic dedication to patiently manoeuvre a change like this through the different layers of government and community, over the course of several years. I would compare the process to walking a tightrope in slow motion. Each delicate step is vital, and at any point the whole thing could be derailed.

Keep at it, RaBIT! Follow the progress of Bill 166 here.

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