Monday, September 02, 2013

How to climb for 40 days and 40 nights

For whatever reason, this dusty two-year-old video of yours truly has recently gone (weakly) viral; about 80,000 people have now seen me climbing on the treadwall at Boulderz.


According to YouTube’s analytics, this has resulted in over 60 thousand estimated viewing minutes—roughly 40 days’ worth of climbing. No wonder I feel tired.

The traffic seems to have mostly originated from this post on the Cheezburger network:

as well as the videos page on MSN (where another 10,000 views have accumulated:

Sadly, I’m not a regular at Boulderz—a great gym incidentally—so my endurance hasn’t gotten any better. Ha. At least it’s not an embarrassing moment.

Here’s my original post about this video: Humiliation Machine at Boulderz

While we’re on the topic I might as well link to two other moments of unintentional 'fame' (yes I suffer from self-absorption):

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