Monday, June 03, 2013

IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Hamilton a success

Yesterday, I attended the semi-finals and finals of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Hamilton. Hearty congratulations to everyone involved in the organization and execution of this event!

Anna Stöhr on Women’s Finals 1, en route to her eventual victory

It was an invigorating experience to witness some of the world’s best climbers first hand, in action. As a climber, this level of performance is something that you dream of and secretly (if impossibly) aspire towards.

It was an Austrian-topped podium as Kilian Fischhuber took the Mens gold medal, while Anna Stöhr was the winner for the Women. While the hometown crowd cheered wildly for Sean McColl, it just wasn’t his day for victory.

I’d like to express my sincere admiration of all of the inspiring competitors over the weekend (and especially of Stacey Weldon, Kerry Briggs, Elise Sethna, Miles Adamson, Sean McColl, and the other participating Canadian team members).

Full results: Men. Women. The Hamilton Spectator’s recap. UK Climbing’s recap.

I sincerely hope the future holds more World Cups hosted in Canada. This particular competition was held at the 'new' Gravity Climbing Gym in Hamilton. The crowd was filled with familiar faces whom I’ve met at comps and gyms across Ontario and Quebec, and I’m certain they shared my enthusiasm.

Full replays on YouTube of:
Check out these amazing photos by Ruby Photo Studio (yay Aidas!), and this set by Bonuel Photography from the competition.

Dustin Curtis writes his perspective as one of the setters for the comp.

What a great event. Congratulations again to the participants, organizers, and supporters.

Thanks to Kate Smith for the invitation!

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