Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Parody Re-Mix of the TTC Union’s $1 Million Ad

The TTC workers’ union launched a million-dollar ad campaign recently, bemoaning the recent trend of budget freezes and privatization.

As part of their Protecting What Matters campaign, they’ve released an extremely slick commercial that has everyone chattering about its superb production values.

When I saw it, I knew right away that it deserved a re-imagination as a horror movie trailer. It’s just too over the top and serious to resist. A few slight adjustments -- and voilà! I give you Saw: Protecting What Matters.


If you haven’t seen the original TTC workers’ union ad, here it is for comparison:



Clips have been sourced as follows:
Video clips: Protecting What Matters, SAW trailer
Audio: SAW trailer

Disclaimers and disclosure for CYA

This is a parody. It’s meant as a humorous, fair-dealing critique of the original ad, to which I’ve linked and for which I have mentioned the creators. This specific video, while containing clips produced by the TTC worker’s union, does not purport to represent the union or its members in any way. Nor is it representative of LionsGate Films or Air Castle Films. I am not affiliated with the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113. I am however a regular TTC user. Actors shown are depicted in a fictional sense and accompanying audio should not be taken as having anything to do with the actual people. 
In summary, please have a sense of humour.
With respect to contracting out, I will reserve comment within this particular post. I have faith that the TTC Board, with input from city council -- and from the TTC worker’s union as well as users of the system -- will find an acceptable solution to the matter at hand...

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