Sunday, October 21, 2012

Coming Up: Spooky Shred & FUBU Race Weekend

Two splendiferous events from Toronto’s gregarious longboarding community are rapidly approaching: the Spooky Shred and the FUBU Race Weekend!

Spooky Shred - October 28

Spooky Shred Event Poster
The Spooky Shred is a wacky Halloween-themed skateboarding session that is taking place primarily at the Jane Paths (aka Smythe Park, north of Jane and St. Clair).

The presenters, Bombora Boards and the Skate Invaders, are organizing “a super special day full of awesome skating fun. There will be mini games for the gromlets and a Tunnel of Doom courtesy of Bombora boards. Mini games will include bobbing for wheels, slide and toss, and many more.”

The provisional schedule says that mini games will start at 5, the costume contest at 6, and the race after dark. And the organizers have tons of prizes to give away...

This is what the push looked like last year:

It’s my understanding that folks are meeting at Runnymede station around 4:45 and skating up to the Jane Paths. In costume, of course!

Event details thread

FUBU Race Weekend - November 3 & 4

FUBU Race Weekend Poster
The FUBU (For Us By Us) Race Weekend is a female-oriented skate extravaganza put on by Toronto Girls Longboarding.

Saturday features a twilight waterfront cruise, followed by a pre-race party at Club 54 (the somewhat notorious T.O. Skate House). Sunday is race day at Canoe Landing Park, incorporating a friendly slalom race and then a Toonie race. Then there’s a BBQ!

Female skaters of ALL skill levels (including beginners and novices) are invited.

Did I mention there are fabulous prizes?!

Incidentally -- supportive guys are more than welcome; just keep in mind that this particular event is focused on our distaff friends...

Here’s my writeup of last year’s get-together:
Speed! Thrills! Women! FUBU Skate Race Recap

FUBU 2011 Group Photo

Event details thread

Go Forth and Shred

Both of these sessions -- supported by multiple sponsors -- promise to be fantastic fun for everyone. Mark your calendars and check ’em out.

Spread the word! If you know anyone who’d like to participate, please send them this post!

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